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A new future for CREDIT CARDS

All-In-One Smart Card Solution

Simplify the way you pay by combining all your cards into one smart credit card.

Access all your credit lines instantly with OneCard.
AI Automatically assigns purchases to your credit cards with the highest rewards.
Optimize your credit usage with AI powered card selection.

All your rewards in one place

Your Credit Card Usage Strategy

Tell us what cards you have. We’ll tell you when to use each one.

Your Credit Cards

How it works

All Your Balances In One App
Add your cards to the OneCard app

Consolidate multiple credit cards into a single sleek card, Simplifying wallet and eliminating the risk of forgetting a card you need.

View all your balances, rewards, spending

Access the information of all your credit cards. While also prioritizing security with encrypted chip technology to protect your financial data.

Maximize rewards or credit score

With Intelligent analysis and real time decision making at the point of sale, OneCard selects the optimal card instantly. It also prioritizes security with encrypted chip technology to protect your financial data.

Beautiful. simple. all in one

Goodbye, Plastic. Hello, Metal

Choose Artists Curated Designs. All metal. All Quality. All time

A new future for financeNo more shuffling through credit card apps

Seamlessly manage your credit cards, track your transactions in real-time, and enjoy the convenience and security of OneCard wherever you are.

  • Effortless Card Selection
    Effortless Card Selection
  • Real-Time Transaction Tracking
    Real-Time Transaction Tracking
  • Secure and Encrypted
    Secure and Encrypted
  • Personalized Insights
    Personalized Insights
  • Virtual Card Number
    Virtual Card Number
  • Budgeting Tools
    Budgeting Tools

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Simplify your financial management and enjoy a seamless and rewarding payment experience.

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